Second Saturday Service Day at Yegua Knobbs Preserve

by Courtney Young

On Saturday February 9th, volunteers braved cold and rain to reach Yegua Knobbs Preserve but were pleasantly surprised when they arrived to find sunshine instead. Volunteers broke into two teams to tackle unmarked trails and a vanishing fence line.

The fence team undeniably earned their blisters, installing hundreds of feet of barbed wire fence along the boundary of YKP to keep roaming cattle from intruding on sensitive habitat. They pounded t-posts, strung wire, clipped, and tied their way across the eastern border of the preserve.

The smaller sign team installed trail markers at six trail intersections in the preserve and mastered the art of the straight hammer swing. They can’t wait for the next field day at YKP on May 11th for our signs to be put to the test by wandering hikers.

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