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Pines and Prairies Land Trust is working to protect special tracts of land so that all citizens may hike, watch wildlife, and learn to value and enjoy the plants, animals, beautiful views natural waters and historic legacies of our communities.

If you own a special property that you would like to see preserved in this way, please ask about our conservation easement and land donation programs and how it can benefit you, your family and community. Conservation easements are voluntary agreements between a land owner and land conservation organization like PPLT. The two work together to limit certain types of development so that the property stays protected...forever. All the while, the landowner continues to own and live on the property, practice farming, ranching or wildlife management.  Land donated is protected and managed by PPLT and is shared with the public for day use or special events, research or other programs.

Land and easements can be donated or purchased. We work with federal, state and local groups to achieve the maximum benefit from conservation programs in our region.


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 The Colorado River by Larry Gfeller

The Colorado River by Larry Gfeller

 Billig Lane

Billig Lane

May 2016 Spring Field Day at Yegua Knobbs Preserve