Our Mission:

To protect open space through land conservation, stewardship and community engagement.


Our Vision:

Protecting Land. 

Connecting People to Land. 

Inspiring a Land Legacy.


Pines and Prairies Land Trust (PPLT) was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in February 2001. The founding members created the land trust as a means to protect land in their communities. PPLT has evolved to protect natural and cultural resources through education and the preservation of open space in the Central Texas counties of Bastrop, Caldwell, Fayette, Lee and Eastern Travis County. PPLT holds conservation easements and owns property in the five county region it serves. Besides direct land conservation, PPLT also hosts nature lessons, workshops and participates in conferences, local environmental events and provides speakers for civic and business groups.


Land Conservation

Pines and Prairies Land Trust owns land and helps property owners protect their land from unwanted fragmentation by providing viable economic alternatives to selling family lands. Current and future generations benefit from the clean air, scenery, and rural feel of open space that conserved land provides. 

Land trusts use a number of land conservation tools, some of which may provide tax benefits for landowners.  PPLT can accept donations of development rights on private lands through conservation easements.

Conservation easements are deed restrictions where a landowner designates the type and intensity of development allowed on his or her property. Certain limitations will lower the value of the property, providing an opportunity for tax benefits.  Conservation easements “run with the deed” to the property forever, but the land can still be sold or given to heirs. PPLT's role is to defend these conservation easements against future violations.

Pines and Prairies Land Trust also owns land and we currently hold over 1000 acres of preserve lands. The 65-acre Colorado River Refuge is free and open to the public every day. Billig Ranch and Yegua Knobbs Preserve are open to the public on special field days or by appointment. All three preserves are used for public benefit, providing opportunities for education and outdoor recreation, open space, habitat protection and sustainable agricultural practices.

Pines & Prairies Land Trust Service Area and Protected Lands

Pines & Prairies Land Trust Service Area and Protected Lands


Pines and Prairies Land Trust connects landowners to governmental agencies and private organizations offering technical and financial support for restoring and managing wildlife habitat, land management, conservation practices, etc..

Please contact us if you would like PPLT to speak at your organization’s meeting. We may also be able to help you find speakers on related conservation topics. 

We also distribute educational materials and lead workshops for the public.

Pines and Prairies Land Trust hosts free nature lessons for school aged children at the Bastrop County Lost Pines Nature Trails, adjacent to the Colorado River Refuge. These lessons are held in the spring and fall.  Classes usually start with a group lesson and end with a hike or discovery activity.  For more info, contact Courtney Young at courtney@pplt.org.